Federal Employees Health Benefits Program

With more than a dozen years of experience working in the FEHB program and a half dozen years working on FEHB issues from the health plan perspective, Westcott Partners brings unique knowledge and experience to assist clients in understanding how to participate in this program that benefits more than 8 million federal employees, retirees, and their dependents.

Medicaid Managed Care

Westcott assists health plans entering or participating in state Medicaid managed care programs.  We pride ourselves on being experts at translating policy into effective operational programs. We have hands-on experience with innovative models of service delivery such as patient centered medical homes and accountable care organizations; digital health strategies; population health benefits and programs that address the needs of high risk and high cost individuals;  and, value based purchasing that rewards efficiency and demonstrable positive health outcomes.

Health Care Marketplaces

In the current environment, there are many "marketplaces" for health care: through employers, ACA state marketplaces, the FEHB program, state employee programs, and, increasingly, in the TRICARE Program. We have in depth knowledge of what makes a health care marketplace work.  From the customer perspective, this includes choice of health plans, transparency, and portability. From the market sponsor perspective, this includes state-of-the-art choice architecture, ready access to enrollment data, and the ability to communicate easily and confidently with enrollees. Through our experiences with ACA marketplaces, the FEHB program, and TRICARE, we can assist clients in multiple ways. 

Addressing Social Risk Factors

It is well documented that social risk factors such as substandard housing, lack of transportation, low income, and poor access to healthy foods affect health outcomes to a greater degree than medical care. Based on our with Medicaid programs and internationally, we have expertise in health risk assessment, innovative partnerships to address social determinants of health, and financing mechanisms to support social interventions.